Quarterly Newsletter

The WHL Newsletter is a free online quarterly periodical. Dr. Daniel T. Lackland is the Editor. Each issue includes:

  • Advances in high blood pressure treatment,
  • A description of the activities of the member organizations, and
  • A calendar that lists major upcoming meetings on cardiovascular-related topics throughout the world.
  • Member success stories for knowledge translation
    Updates on new WHL resources, reports, and publications

The WHL Newsletter is distributed electronically four times/year to an estimated 40,000 colleagues in over 60 countries.  Presently, there are 63 regular member organizations and 20 associate member organizations, for a total of 83 WHL member organizations. The local societies may distribute the WHL Newsletter to additional professionals in their area.

Office of Publications

Dr. Daniel T. Lackland 
Editor, WHL Newsletter
Medical University of South Carolina, SC, USA

Archived Issues may be obtained via e-mail: 

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