2024 Excellence Awards

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Announcing the 2024 WHL Excellence Awards!

  • Peter Sleight Excellence Award in Hypertension Clinical Research Trials: Prof. Jiang He, MD, PhD
  • Claude Lenfant Excellence Award in Population Hypertension Control Through Educational Activities and Guideline Implementation: Prof. Elaine Urbina, MD, MS
  • Liu Lisheng Excellence Award in Cardiovascular Risk Factor Control in Low- and Middle-income Populations: Dr. JIANG Yinon
  • Norman Campbell Excellence Award in Population Hypertension Control: Prof (Dr) Balram Bhargava
  • Daniel Lackland Excellence Award in Collaboration and Advocacy for Population Hypertension Risk Reduction: Prof. Olubenga Ogedegbe, MD, MPH
  • Graham MacGregor Excellence Award in Dietary Salt Reduction at the Population Level: Prof. Norman R.C. Campbell, CM MD FRCPC

                 Organizational Excellence Awards in Global Hypertension Control
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India; Indian Council of Medical Research; World Health Organization; Resolve to Save Lives
  • Ministry of Health, El Salvador
  • The George Institute for Global Health, China
  • The Philippines Society of Hypertension (PSH)

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To Nominate an Individual or Organization:

A letter from one nominator detailing the contribution made by the individual or orgnization is required. Those receiving this award will have achieved excellence in the above listed categories. Accompanying documents substantiating the nomination can be included where appropriate such as: curriculum vitae, organizational charter, publication, project funding proposals, and newspaper articles or media reports.

No current member of the board or executive or awards committee of the WHL, or interventions or organizations they lead are eligible. Individuals or organizations involved in producing, promoting or marketing tobacco or salt for consumption (outside of the recommended dietary salt intake promoted by the World Health Organization or the potential nominees’ regional government) are not eligible for award. Individuals are eligible to receive the award more than once provided there are separate excellence achievements. There may be multiple recipients in any year.

In addition to supporting documents, the nomination MUST include: 

I. Nominee information: 
Mailing address 
E-mail address 
Phone number 

II. Nominator information: 
Mailing address 
E-mail address 
Phone number 

The Deadline for 2024 Nominations is March 15, 2024. 
E-mail questions to 


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